Kin Khao is a modern authentic Thai restaurant well worth your time to visit. Kin Khao is not afraid to make the food spicy. Came here for an early dinner on a Tuesday night and was very happy with the service and food. The evening started off with one of their signature cocktails the Hua Hin Beach(and it comes w/ an umbrella), which was very good, so I ordered another. We ordered some dishes to share, including ‘Pretty Hot Wings’ , Plah Pla Muek(Monterey Bay squids), Khao Mun Gai (chicken fat rice) and Sai Ua+Namprik Noom(grilled house-made Northern Thai pork sausage). I have to say that the ‘Pretty Hot Wings’ were the largest and well-seasoned wings I have ever had, a must have again and again. The wait staff were very nice and attentive and made sure we had drinks and water at all times. I'd come back here again.