1. Do you remember learning your first card game? (http://www.bicyclecards.com)

  2. TKOs – Thomas Keller Oreos. (http://www.becauseilikechocolate.com/2012/10/tkos-thomas-keller-oreos.html)

  3. Rebecca Minkoff’s playful and subtly edgy designs can be spotted around the world on young women and celebrities alike.(http://www.rebeccaminkoff.com/pearled-arrow-pendant-1)

  4. Ultimate Social Media Sizes Cheat Sheet 2015. (http://socialmediaweek.org/blog/2015/02/ultimate-social-media-sizes-cheat-sheet-2015/)

  5. 3sixteen is a New York City based brand that aims to produce the highest quality clothing and accessories using premium materials. (http://www.3sixteen.com/collections/denim/products/sl100x-straight-raw-indigo-selvedge-denim)

  6. The “Seed Bank” store serves gardeners in Petaluma, California, and surrounding counties. (http://www.rareseeds.com/petaluma-seed-bank/)

  7. First Saturday in May... where you at? (http://www.kentuckyderby.com/)

  8. Story of My Life, Social Distortion!(http://www.socialdistortion.com)

  9. Stitch Boutique in Denver. (http://stitchboutiquedenver.com)