1. Mat(t)erial + Nature = Matt & Nat, vegan handbags. (http://mattandnat.com/)

  2. Honor Is All We Know. (http://www.rancidrancid.com/)

  3. Asian street food in a lively graffiti-covered space. (http://www.hawkerfare.com)

  4. The first artisan bakery in downtown Oakland, California. (http://www.sweetbarbakery.com/)

  5. Kicks for your everyday. (https://undefeated.com/)

  6. Cincy's Trend Boutique. (http://www.trendcincinnati.com/)

  7. A Brewery that is not all about the beer, great food. (http://www.woodfourbrewing.com/)

  8. Fun and entertaining culinary events in and around Healdsburg, California. (http://www.relishculinary.com/)

  9. TSA-compliant toiletry travel bag. (http://www.outdoorbalance.com/shoppingbags/rume/revealquart.html)